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Cooking Appliances

  • What are cooking appliances? Nothing less than the heart of your kitchen. From in-counter cooktops to wall-mounted ovens, cabinet-mount microwaves, or combo ranges, cooking appliances are where the magic happens. Coast Appliances will help you bring your dream kitchen to life.
Cooking Appliances FAQ

Major cooking appliances include your cooktop, oven, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, stoves, ranges, and dishwasher. Major kitchen appliances are commonly installed in a fixed place in your kitchen, and - with the possible exception of a dishwasher - it's difficult, if not impossible, to cook without them.

A cooking appliance is a machine that helps with preparing, cooking, or storing food. They are designed to be long-term investments, lasting ten years or more. When shopping for cooking appliances, it's common to rely on advice from experts, like our team at Coast Appliances, and purchase from manufacturers specializing in kitchen appliances.

Cooking appliances are often divided into two categories: major and small appliances. While major appliances are usually installed in a fixed location and are essential for cooking, small appliances can be handheld or used on a countertop. Small appliances may not be essential to the cooking process, but they make it easier!

Outside of a range and oven (essential for cooking) and a refrigerator (essential for storing food before and after cooking), one of the most popular kitchen appliances are microwaves. Microwaves are also extremely popular, both for their speed and convenience and the safety of not needing a hot cooking surface.

With several cooking accessories brands available, it can be challenging to select one that is reliable and can withstand the test of time. Many brands like Wolf, KitchenAid, Fisher Paykel have a long history of being top brands and manufacturers. At Coast Appliances, we carry a variety of cooking accessories from one of these brands or many more.