Coast Appliances Kitchen Cooktops


  • Whether you're looking for a multi-burner gas, sleek electric, or ultra-modern induction element, Coast Appliances has your dream cooktop. We stock a variety of brands, from home-cook favorites to professional-grade appliances.
Cooktops FAQ

Cooktops fall into three categories. Gas cooktops use propane or natural gas to create a flame. Electric cooktops have a metal coil heated by electricity, usually sealed under a sheet of glass for easier cleanup. Induction cooktops look like electrics, but instead of a hot coil, they use a magnetic field to heat the cookware itself rather than the cooktop. Keep in mind that induction cooktops require induction cookware.

Cooktops are measured as a square: width and depth. Unlike a TV or computer screen that is measured on the diagonal, cooktops are measured straight across. Two standard widths are 30" and 36", but many others are available.

Since every cooktop requires hooking up either electricity or gas lines - or both - installing one is a job best left to licensed professionals. Expert installation services from Coast Appliances mean you never have to worry about installing a cooktop yourself.

A stove is simply an appliance for cooking or heating, including everything from a pellet stove to a gas oven. A kitchen "stove" is often used interchangeably with "range,” which is a combination cooktop and oven, while a cooktop comes as its own unit without an oven.

The best brands of cooktops are the one that fits your style and cooking needs. At Coast Appliances, we carry a full range of cooktops from reliable manufacturers including Dacor, Samsung, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Wolf and more.