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Wall Ovens

  • Single, double, steam, or speed, the wall oven selection at Coast Appliances has what you need. With leading brands and our professional installation services, we're your one-stop-shop for wall ovens. And our competitive prices are backed by our Price Match Guarantee.

Wall Ovens Benefits

Wall ovens are a standout feature in any modern kitchen, offering both aesthetic and practical benefits. One of the most significant advantages of a wall oven is its ergonomic design. Mounted at eye level, wall ovens eliminate the need to bend over, making them more accessible and easier to use, especially for individuals with mobility issues. This design feature not only enhances kitchen safety but also improves the overall cooking experience. The flexibility in installation height means that the oven can be positioned at the most comfortable level for each user, promoting a better posture during cooking and baking.


Unlike traditional range ovens, wall ovens are built into the kitchen cabinetry, freeing up valuable floor space. This feature is particularly beneficial for smaller kitchens or for homeowners seeking a minimalist and uncluttered kitchen design. In addition, wall ovens often come with advanced cooking technologies, such as convection cooking, precise temperature controls, and smart features that can be controlled remotely.

Bringing Your Wall Oven Home

Selecting the right wall oven for your kitchen requires balancing factors like size, cooking needs, and aesthetic preferences. At Coast Appliances, our collection encompasses a variety of options, including single and double models, along with combination ovens featuring microwaves or steam cooking capabilities. Accurate measurement of the available space is crucial to find an oven that complements your kitchen’s décor, be it sleek and modern or traditionally classic.


The installation of a wall oven is a significant undertaking, best left to professionals. Our experts can assist in choosing the right oven or suggest skilled installation services for a safe and efficient setup. After installation, you’ll appreciate the user-friendliness and low maintenance of your new oven, making it not just an attractive feature but also a dependable and durable kitchen asset.

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Wall Ovens FAQ

Wall ovens are available in several configurations. They may be single or double (over-under) units or a combination unit featuring a traditional oven and a microwave. Steam ovens heat with steam instead of hot air, ideal for reheating and moist cooking. And for the ultimate in cooking, a speed oven: a combination of convection oven and microwave that, as the name says, can dramatically shorten cooking times.

In years past, wall ovens were vented to the outside, but not anymore. Most modern wall ovens are fully-contained units that do not need a vent to the outdoors, making them much simpler to install.

Wall ovens are made to fit in with kitchen cabinets, so the process of installing a wall oven is usually straightforward. Like those from Coast Appliances, a professional installer will create a "box" within the cabinet to hold the oven and add power (and gas if needed) taps. The oven slides into the box and is connected to power, trim is added on the outside, and it's ready to use!

A single wall oven is similar to what you might find in an all-in-one range unit: one door, one set of controls. A double wall oven features two separate oven units stacked on top of each other, giving you two cooking spaces at different temperatures.

Modern wall ovens are reliable appliances. When selecting one, it's best to first focus on what you need from your wall oven, then choose from a reliable manufacturer. At Coast Appliances, we have many excellent wall ovens from Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Wolf, Bosch, Fisher Paykel, JennAir and Dacor, among others.