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  • If you’re looking for home appliances that live up to millionaire standards without hitting millionaire pricing, then look to Coast Appliances’ selection of Café products. From microwaves and dishwashers to refrigerators and ranges, you can find everything you need at the highest levels of quality and competitive prices. Coast Appliances also offers delivery and removal services, so you can enjoy these excellent appliance upgrades without any frustration.
Café FAQ

Café is the high-end, ultra-luxury brand name manufactured by the well-known giant GE. Café appliances are meant to compete with the most luxurious and professional brands on the market, all while undercutting those extreme prices.

Café appliances are about as high-end as it gets. While it’s possible to spend more money on appliances, it is difficult to find appliances that genuinely offer superior performance or luxury options. Coast Appliances is proud of our Café appliance lineup.

Café appliances are ranked extremely high in reliability by U.S. News, the Bay Area Buying Guide, and a large number of other reviewers. These appliances are made to the highest standards, and that leads them to extreme levels of reliability. If you want the very best, Café should be a brand you consider.

Café appliances typically range between $1,000 and $10,000 for major appliances. As an example, one of the most popular ranges in the Coast Appliances selection starts at $4,894.98. There are more expensive options available, but Café still manages to come in below the price ranges of other high-end brands.