Coast Appliances Bottom Mount Refrigerators

Bottom Mount Refrigerators

  • Bottom mount refrigerators put the freezer compartment on the bottom. We have a wide variety to choose from at Coast Appliances. And when you buy a bottom-mount refrigerator from us, you can take advantage of your delivery and haul-away service.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators Benefits

At Coast Appliances, our bottom-mount refrigerators are not only about keeping your foods fresh — they enhance your kitchen’s functionality with a touch of modern elegance. Designed with user convenience in mind, the fresh foods compartment is easily accessible at eye level, and the freezer below, making it simpler to access your everyday items. Sourced from brands that prioritize quality and innovation, these refrigerators come equipped with features that optimize space, preserve freshness, and enhance user experience.

We believe in providing value that goes beyond just the price tag. Our refrigerators are competitively priced, but it’s our customer-focused services and exclusive promotions that truly enhance your buying experience. We’re here to guide you through a smooth transition, offering services like efficient delivery, professional installation, and the thoughtful removal of your old appliance.

Bringing Your Bottom Mount Refrigerator Home

Setting up your new refrigerator doesn’t have to be complicated. The first step involves accurate measurement of the space where your refrigerator will reside. Consider all dimensions — width, depth, and height — ensuring that there is ample space for the doors to open comfortably. Don’t overlook the other essentials like the availability of electrical outlets and a clear, unobstructed pathway that allows for smooth delivery and installation of your appliance.

Choosing Coast Appliances means opting for a hassle-free experience, where expertise is a guarantee. Our team is dedicated to offering services that mitigate the more challenging aspects of the process, such as meticulous delivery and installation services. We aim to ensure that your new refrigerator not only fits perfectly into its designated space but is also ready for immediate use in your kitchen.

For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and old appliance removal services, please visit our shipping and delivery page.

Bottom Mount Refrigerators FAQ

One advantage of a bottom-mount refrigerator is that the refrigerator compartment - the part you are likely to need most often - is higher up, meaning you have to bend down less to find things.

If you primarily use your freezer for long-term storage, a bottom-mount refrigerator may be a good fit for you. Bottom-mount fridges aren’t better or worse than other designs. They are just one more option to choose from when searching for the perfect fridge.

A “bottom-mount” refrigerator refers to the location of the freezer compartment. In this design, the freezer is on the bottom. The refrigerator compartment is on top for easier access.

A bottom-mount refrigerator can be expected to last anywhere between 10 and 15 years, with 13 years being the average. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of any refrigerator.

 Coast Appliances carries a full line of dependable bottom-freezer refrigerators from trusted manufacturers. Some of our most popular brands include Whirlpool, GE and Fisher Paykel.