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Broan Range Hoods

  • If you need better ventilation in your kitchen, Coast Appliances has you covered with an extensive selection of Broan appliances. Competitive pricing provides range vents at every level of luxury and price point, so you can get exactly what you need. We also have appliance drop-off and removal, so if you need to invest in a hefty vent for your kitchen, we can make the process a whole lot easier.
Broan FAQ

Broan is a specialized appliance manufacturer that offers range hoods. With that specialization comes incredible quality, making Broan one of the top brands in this niche space. Broan vents and hoods are among the best you can find at consumer price points.

Broan primarily makes range hoods and kitchen vents. Despite that specialization, you can find a massive selection of options available at Coast Appliances. You can find the vent and hood that meets your kitchen’s exact needs, and you can find a price that’s well within your budget.

Broan range hoods are known to last for many years. The standard Broan warranty covers 1 year of parts and labor. The Coast Appliances protection plan can add up to 4 years to that time period, proving that we have high levels of confidence in this brand.

Broan range hoods vary rather widely in price range, mostly because the selection is so diverse. You can find simple, budget hoods that are still made to last and perform well, all for a price of under $200. You can also find powerful, robust hoods that will cost multiple thousands of dollars, and anything in between those extremes.