Coast Appliances Clearance Appliances


  • Coast Appliances offers an extensive inventory of clearance items up to 80% off. These are fantastic one-of-a-kind deals on all the top major appliance brands. However, our clearance stock is unique to each branch and often in limited quantities. If you purchase a clearance item from us, we can deliver it to you and provide removal of your existing appliance.
Clearance FAQ

Most of our appliances go on clearance because they were either floor models or it was an unfulfilled special order or might have a scratch or dent. And often, end-of-line or overstocked items end up in our clearance section to make room for new products. Regardless of the appliance, we’ll always provide competitive pricing and deliver it.

Clearance items are one-of-a-kind, so there's no way to ensure that one will be there the next day, or even an hour later. In contrast, a sale lasts for a set amount of time for a particular product line. So you're generally guaranteed that sale price until the deal or stock ends. Whether you purchase a sale item or a one-of-a-kind clearance item, you can rest assured that you're getting our best price.

All brands will have clearance deals from time to time, as new models are launched and we need to move their predecessors or the occasional visual damage could be the reason for a price drop. Checking this page or asking our team you can find clearance deals from Whirlpool, Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, Miele, and many more. If you purchase a clearance item, our team will give you the best deal and arrange to deliver it to you.

Holidays are usually the best time to purchase appliances, but you'll also find that early fall can be a great time to secure a good deal. Manufacturers announce their new product lines in October and November, so retail outlets begin to place their current inventory on sale in preparation for the new models. At that time, many lingering sale items move to clearance.