Coffee Machines FAQ

If you're ready to step up your coffee-making game, Coast Appliances has the right brands for you. We offer built-in and countertop units from recognized manufacturers like Wolf, Fisher Paykel, Thermador, and Bosch.

Waking up to a lukewarm cup of coffee is not a good way to start the day; a coffeemaker that doesn't heat up enough is due for replacement. Another sign you need to go shopping: your coffee maker has sprung a leak or stopped brewing altogether.

The machine you use to brew your coffee will have a major impact on how your coffee tastes. The cleanliness of your machine, the temperature to which it heats the water, and even the materials your coffee maker can affect the flavor of your brew.

When shopping for a coffee maker, convenience is a major consideration: does it make coffee-brewing easy for you? Is it correctly sized to make the amount of coffee you need? And a very important point: will it make the kind of coffee you like (such as espresso)?