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Frigidaire Gallery

  • If you like the cost value of Frigidaire but want something a little fancier, then Coast Appliances’ selection of Frigidaire Gallery appliances might be just what you’re looking for. These appliances do everything your home needs, and they manage to put even more options and luxury into a competitively-priced lineup of appliances. Don’t forget, Coast Appliances also offers a delivery and removal service that makes your upgrade easier than ever.
Frigidaire Gallery FAQ

Frigidaire Gallery is an offshoot of the established and trusted Frigidaire brand. Owned by Electrolux, one of the best in home appliances, Frigidaire Gallery tries to provide a sense of luxury in affordably priced appliances. It really is a best-of-all-worlds situation.

Frigidaire Gallery is one of the most competitive brands in terms of appliances. Many reviewers rank it as the most valuable appliance brand, considering it a great balance of quality and affordability. Frigidaire Gallery is comparable to Frigidaire, with the Gallery variants offering a few more enticing features.

Frigidaire Gallery is a specific series designed and manufactured by Frigidaire. The Gallery series is designed to elevate the luxury appeal without massively increasing price points. If you want to minimize your budget, Frigidaire is the way to go, but if you want a few more nice features, Gallery can offer the elite upgrades you’re after.

Comparable to other Frigidaire refrigerator options, these appliances can last for 17 years or more. That makes them a valuable long-term investment, even though they aren’t in the upper echelons of pricing. To put your mind even more at ease, Coast Appliances offers an optional 4-year protection plan on all Frigidaire Gallery models.