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Gas Ranges

  • Gas ranges have long been a favorite of serious home cooks, and Coast Appliances is a favorite place to get a gas range. You pick out the one you want and we’ll do the rest: from delivering your new range to removing your old one.
Gas Ranges FAQ

A “range” is a term used to describe an all-in-one cooktop and oven combination. A “stove” is used to describe the cooktop by itself.

At Coast Appliances, we only sell brands with reputations for reliability. From Bosch and Bluestar to Whirlpool and Wolf, we have dozens of models in stock and ready for you to see.

If your gas stove doesn’t heat up quickly and accurately, it’s time to think about a replacement. Waiting too long costs money through inefficiency and can also be a fire hazard.

Regularly servicing any appliance is a good idea and gas stoves are no exception. Proper maintenance is crucial to safe, reliable operation - and can maximize your stove’s lifespan to boot.