Coast Appliances Island Range Hoods

Island Range Hoods

  • Venting cooking fumes from an island cooktop is what an island range hood is designed for. Coast Appliances will help you find the right range hood for your kitchen island and can connect you to an installer from our network of trusted professionals.

Island Benefits

Island range hoods are an essential component for kitchens with a central island cooktop. These hoods are suspended from the ceiling, providing effective ventilation directly above the cooking area. This central positioning is crucial for capturing smoke, steam, and odors efficiently, preventing them from spreading throughout the kitchen and beyond. Island hoods also serve as a striking visual element, often becoming the focal point of kitchen design. 


Available in various styles and finishes, they can enhance the overall aesthetics of your kitchen while offering substantial functional benefits. Many models come with built-in lighting to improve visibility over the cooktop, variable fan speeds for different cooking intensities, and even noise reduction technology to keep your kitchen environment more peaceful and enjoyable.

Bringing Your Island Home

Choosing the right island range hood involves considering both its functional capacity and its design impact on your kitchen. The hood should be at least as wide as the cooktop to maximize efficiency, with a suitable CFM rating to handle the volume of air typical of your cooking habits. For aesthetic coherence, select a model that complements the style and finish of other kitchen appliances and fixtures.


Installing an island range hood requires careful planning and execution, often involving modifications to your kitchen’s ceiling structure to accommodate the unit and its ductwork. Our professional installation is highly recommended to ensure that the hood is securely mounted and properly connected to your home’s ventilation system. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the filters and inspecting the ductwork, is essential to maintain optimal functionality and prolong the life of the hood. 

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Island Range Hoods FAQ

Island range hoods are very effective at removing steam, smoke, and odors from your kitchen. In addition to their powerful fans, they’re helped by the fact that hot air from the range naturally rises - right into the range hood.

At Coast Appliances, we carry many popular brands of island range hoods, including Elica, Dacor, Thermador and more.

The rule of thumb for island range hoods is 150 CFM for every linear foot of cooktop. For a standard cooktop 30 inches wide - or two-and-a-half feet - your range hood should move 375 CFM.

When sizing an island range hood, look for a model at least as wide as the cooktop and ideally about 3 inches wider on each side.