Built-in Cooking

Double. Single. Master the incredible with an intelligent culinary experience that awaits your touch.

V2™ Vertical Dual-Fan Convection

Dual counter-rotating vertical fans work in tandem, helping you wield your cooking powers with everything from mouth watering fillets to irresistible roasts.

7-Inch Full Colour Lcd Display

Visually vibrant. This highly-interactive, full-colour display is packed with dynamic features that allow you to navigate effortlessly through settings and the JennAir® Culinary Centre.

JennAir® Culinary Centre

With step-by-step support savour the full culinary experience backed by customized algorithms, featuring full-colour food photography, doneness levels, pan types and menu-specific tips.


Multimode® Convection System

Three radiant elements with a single fan provide consistent heat on every rack for evenly browned, perfectly cooked dishes.

Irresistible Interior

Captivation cloaked in black. beyond a dark glass expanse, cinematic lighting illuminates smooth racks, flat tines, and an enticing jet black interior.

Cinematic Lighting

Lights, camera, cook. Halogen lighting increases to full intensity, minimizing shadows and dramatically showcasing food.


Built-in Microwaves

Open a world of power with JennAir Built-in Microwaves. These microwaves integrate seamlessly while an intuitive LCD display launches precise, swift cycles controlled by finely-tuned sensors.

Microwave Speed Ovens

Let your appetite run wild with microwave and convection energy. With curated recipes and full-color doneness images, an intelligent culinary experience awaits your touch.


Built-in Microwave

Microwave Drawers

With zero handles and a flat-front design JennAir microwave drawers provides limitless integration that opens at your touch.


Steam Oven

Up for anything. Whether you want steam, convection, or both, at 60cm wide and requiring only a 120-volt connection and no plumbing, these ovens can be installed throughout the home. Let your imagination run wild.

Steam Mode

Customize down to the exact percentage of steam, retaining nutrients and harnessing recipes to your will. Insert dishes one, two, three at a time — flavors don’t mingle here.

Convection Bake Mode

Cookies, scones, muffins, soufflés, meringues and more. Whatever you crave, get even, golden-brown results that gratify every time.


24” Convection Oven

Break convention. High-rise studios, home theaters, yachts, you make the call. These 60 cm wall ovens have the features and connectivity of JennAir® full-size products, scaled to suit and ready for curation.

Emotive Controls

Think less. Experience more. Inviting controls wait expectantly for the lightest touch to unleash performance and a full-color, guided cooking experience.

True Convection Modes

Select from presets like Convect Bake, Convect Roast and Convect Broil to let the cooking method guide you.


Warming Drawers

Offering an array of options for cooking and entertaining, JennAir warming drawer provides a convenient alternative to an oven for bread proofing, slow-roasting, plate-warming and keeping completed dishes warm before serving.

Sensor Temperature Control

This intuitive temperature control automatically monitors and regulates the warming drawer’s temperature.

Slow Roast Function

Enjoy the versatility of the Slow Roast function which allows you to roast foods such as beef, pork and poultry over a long period of time with tender, moist results.