Professional Style Ranges

Professional Style Ranges

Precise, dual flames produced by precision-drilled brass burners. Inside the oven cavity, steady heat weaves around each flat tine. From searing select cuts and simmering sauces to succulent roasts, these ranges offer unmistakable firepower.

Dual-Stacked Power Burners

Two stacked, symmetrical flames bloom and retreat at your inclination, offering total control over heat levels. High-heat searing and wok cooking. Low, slow simmer and melt. Infinite intermediate settings satisfy every appetite.

Chrome-Infused Griddle

Infused with chrome, our griddle cleans up well after heavy usage. Underneath, a serpentine element powers our best griddle preheat. With a 1,320-watt element for even, precise heat, chrome lets you cook fast and prevents heat from lingering too long in your kitchen.


Grilling knows no season. Bring back the fun of grilling indoors. Harness 16,000BTUs of searing, even heat coursing beneath cast iron grates.

Smooth Glide Flat Tine Racks

Each rack features dramatic, unexpected flat tines, delivering increased contact with cookware for exceptional heat transfer.