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  • Coast Appliances has dozens of microwaves to fit any kitchen design: tabletop, over-range, drawer, and built-in. Whatever size you're looking for, you'll find a good fit with our microwave ovens.

Microwaves Benefits

Microwaves have become an indispensable part of modern kitchens, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. These compact appliances can do a lot more than reheating leftovers; modern models offer a variety of cooking functions that cater to a fast-paced lifestyle. From defrosting frozen foods quickly to cooking meals in minutes, microwaves save time and energy. The latest models may come equipped with advanced features such as preset cooking programs, sensor cooking that adjusts time and power for different foods, and even convection capabilities for baking and roasting. These features ensure that food is cooked evenly and thoroughly, making the microwave a versatile tool for any cooking task.


One of the most significant advantages of microwaves is their space-saving design. Perfect for small apartments or homes with limited kitchen space, they can be easily placed on a countertop or integrated into cabinetry. Despite their compact size, modern microwaves offer ample interior space, allowing you to cook larger dishes or multiple items at once. This combination of compact exterior and spacious interior makes microwaves an excellent choice for both small and large kitchens. Additionally, their ease of use and quick clean-up makes them ideal for busy individuals and families.

Bringing Your Microwave Home

Selecting the right microwave for your home involves considering several factors. At Coast Appliances, you’ll find a wide range of microwaves to suit different needs and kitchen styles. It’s important to consider the size and power of the microwave to ensure it meets your cooking requirements. For those who love to cook or have larger families, a microwave with a higher wattage and larger capacity may be more suitable. On the other hand, if space is a concern or your cooking needs are minimal, a compact model might be the perfect fit.


Microwave installation varies by type. Countertop models are ready to use right out of the box, offering flexibility and ease of placement. Built-in models, on the other hand, require more planning and installation but provide a seamless look that integrates beautifully with your kitchen décor. Our professional installation services can ensure a hassle-free setup.  Whichever type you choose, a microwave is a smart investment that adds convenience and functionality to your daily life.  

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Microwaves FAQ

There are two ways you can damage your microwave quickly: microwave the wrong thing or microwave nothing at all. Putting metal - like tinfoil - can reflect microwaves and cause a fire. Similarly, running a microwave on empty - with nothing to absorb the radiation - can essentially cause the machine to cook itself. Remember to check your microwave care instructions to keep it working like new.

If your microwave doesn't heat food as fast or as well as it used to, it may be nearing the end. And if you have smoke, sparks, or a burning smell coming from your microwave, unplug and replace it immediately.

There are many reliable brands of microwaves on the market today, and you can find most of them at Coast Appliances. With nearly 20 brands in stock, you can choose from Samsung, LG, Bosch and Panasonic microwaves - and many more.

Generally speaking, microwaves are designed to last about ten years. If your microwave is about to hit double digits, start shopping for a new one. Even if it still works, a new microwave oven will be much more efficient and cost you less to operate.

As one of the most used kitchen appliances in many homes and offices, it's essential to make sure you select a reliable microwave from a top brand. At Coast Appliances, we carry microwaves from many top brands like Whirlpool, Wolf, Panasonic, and KitchenAid. You can make sure you get the most out of your microwave when you purchase from Coast Appliances.