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  • Stand mixers are one of the essential small appliances for any kitchen. A quality unit will handle everything from whipped egg whites to heavy bread dough with ease. At Coast Appliances, we carry several different models of stand mixers, suitable for everyone from part-time cooks to serious foodies.
Mixers FAQ

While many home cooks may start with a hand mixer, they eventually step up to a stand mixer for convenience and capacity. A stand mixer sits on the counter and holds a bowl securely on its base or in an adjustable arm.

Unlike a hand mixer, a stand mixer doesn't tire out the cook - it handles the hard work itself. Look for a heavy base that will be stable under the weight of ingredients in the bowl and the motion of the mixer head as it's working. And solid, heavy-duty construction throughout, with smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

Good mixers have at least half a dozen speed settings, but usually, the more, the better. Slow speeds help fold ingredients together and mix heavy doughs. Fast speeds are necessary for making airy dishes like meringue and whipped cream.

The most important thing to consider when buying a stand mixer is power. An underpowered stand mixer won't just fail to do its job, its engine will be overloaded, and it will burn out. The higher the wattage of your mixer, the more powerful the motor.

When it comes to stand mixers, no brand has a better reputation than KitchenAid. At Coast Appliances, they're the only mixers we carry. Come in and see why!