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  • Established in 1955, Panasonic offers a wide range of electronics and appliances. When you browse the Panasonic collection at Coast Appliances, you'll find an excellent selection of products, all at great prices. Coast Appliances also makes it easy for you to start using your new Panasonic appliances as soon as possible, thanks to our delivery and removal services.
Panasonic FAQ

Panasonic makes electronics as well as kitchen appliances like microwaves. The Panasonic collection includes both countertop microwaves and over-the-range units in a variety of sizes. Panasonic also offers multi-ovens, which can be used to prepare a range of dishes.

Panasonic is a leading brand that's earned the trust of consumers across the globe. Not only does the brand have a long and reputable history, but it’s also known for making energy-efficient appliances. When you buy Panasonic products from Coast Appliances, you can also take advantage of our protection plans.

Many people associate Panasonic with electronics, but the brand also produces kitchen appliances. Panasonic offers an impressive selection of microwaves, including innovative devices that use smart technology. They also offer other countertop kitchen appliances, such as rice cookers and multi-ovens.

Panasonic makes reliable microwaves that can last for years. While all of Panasonic's appliances are covered under the brand's 1-year warranty, it's not uncommon for a Panasonic microwave to last much longer than that. You can increase the lifespan of your microwave with regular cleaning.