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Speed Ovens

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Speed Ovens Benefits

Speed ovens are a revolutionary addition to the modern kitchen, combining the functionality of a microwave with the quality of a convection oven. This hybrid appliance is designed for the fast-paced lifestyle, offering rapid cooking without sacrificing the taste or texture of the food. Whether you’re quickly reheating leftovers or cooking a gourmet meal, speed ovens deliver efficiency and versatility. Their ability to evenly cook and brown food, a feature not typically found in traditional microwaves, makes them an indispensable tool for anyone who values both time and culinary quality.


One of the standout benefits of speed ovens is their space-saving design. Perfect for smaller kitchens or for those looking to reduce countertop clutter, these ovens can be easily installed within cabinetry, offering a sleek and integrated look. Despite their compact size, they provide impressive cooking capabilities and often come with a range of preset programs and features. This includes options for baking, roasting, and grilling, making them a multi-functional appliance that can handle a variety of cooking tasks.

Bringing Your Speed Oven Home

Introducing a speed oven into your kitchen is about enhancing your cooking efficiency and overall kitchen aesthetics. At Coast Appliances, you will find a selection of speed ovens that cater to different styles, kitchen sizes, and cooking requirements. When choosing a speed oven, consider the size that fits your kitchen layout and your average meal size. Look for features like intuitive controls, automatic settings for various dishes, and easy-to-clean surfaces to ensure a seamless cooking experience.


Installation of a speed oven should be approached with care, as proper placement and ventilation are key. While many models are designed for easy integration into your kitchen cabinetry, it’s important to ensure there is adequate space for ventilation and to follow manufacturer guidelines for electrical connections. Our professional installation services can ensure a hassle-free setup.  

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Speed Ovens FAQ

The benefit of a speed oven is that it combines the speed of a microwave with the roasting effects of a convection oven. So your food cooks microwave-fast but gains a traditional “roasted” finish.

A conventional convection oven heats with electricity or gas and uses a fan to circulate the hot air. A speed oven uses convection heating and fans but adds microwave heating, which can vastly shorten cooking times. Some also have a grill element.

Many speed ovens have the option to only use the elements you want - only the microwave, for example, or only the convection oven - so they can be used in a “regular” mode.

Anything that can be roasted in a regular oven can be cooked in a speed oven. And any job a microwave can do - like thawing frozen food – a speed oven can do as well. And if your speed oven has a grill element, you can also broil.

Speed ovens are made by major manufacturers like Wolf, Miele and Bosch. You can see these and more at Coast Appliances.