Coast Appliances Under Counter Refrigerators

Under Counter Refrigerators

  • From glass-front beverage refrigerators to fridge/freezer combinations, Coast Appliances’ under-counter refrigerators pack a lot of functionality in small spaces. We carry all the top brands with a wide variety of features. And with our appliance delivery and haul-away services, getting your new fridge into your home is as easy as picking it out.

Under-Counter Refrigerators Benefits

Experience practical elegance with under-counter refrigerators from Coast Appliances. These refrigerators are designed to seamlessly integrate into various spaces, such as kitchens, bars, or offices, maximizing space utility while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Their design promotes accessibility and convenience, incorporating adjustable shelves and easy-slide drawers, allowing for a customized organization that enhances your daily interactions with the appliance.
The under-counter refrigerators in our selection won’t just help you save space; they also feature consistent temperature control, ensuring that your foods and beverages are kept at optimal freshness.

At Coast Appliances, we ensure that this blend of functionality and style is offered at competitive prices, complemented by special promotions, allowing you to experience quality and innovation within a reasonable budget. Our customer-focused approach extends beyond the sale, offering you a range of services including meticulous delivery and installation, ensuring your new appliance integrates seamlessly into your kitchen space, ready to enhance your daily routine.

Bringing Your Under-Counter Refrigerator Home

Installation of an under-counter refrigerator starts with proper measurement of the space. Precise dimensions — height, width, and depth — are essential, along with considering door swings and clearances to ensure that the unit integrates effortlessly within your chosen area, without hindering access or necessary walking space.

Preparation goes beyond measurements. Ensuring that the pathway for delivery is clear and that necessary electrical outlets are conveniently located are key steps in facilitating a smooth installation process.

We at Coast Appliances will focus on making your purchase experience as straightforward as possible. Our comprehensive services, such as expert delivery and installation, are designed to ensure that your new under-counter refrigerator is not just delivered, but perfectly set up and ready for immediate use. For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and old appliance removal services, please visit our shipping and delivery page.

Under Counter Refrigerators FAQ

If you’re looking for a fridge in a tight space or a beverage chiller for a home bar, an under-counter refrigerator might be right for you. These units make the most of whatever space you have while staying tucked out of the way.

As their name says, under-counter fridges are designed low and slim enough to tuck in under a countertop. They usually go up to 34 inches in height, 20 to 24 inches in width and 18 to 26 inches deep.

Like their bigger cousins, under-counter fridges need some space to allow for ventilation. Since they’re smaller, though, under-counter fridges usually require less ventilation that a full-size fridge.

Under counter refrigerators vary in size but their dimensions are usually up to 34 inches high, 20-24 inches wide and 18-24 inches deep.

At Coast Appliances you’ll find more than a dozen of the most reliable brands. We carry under-counter names consumers trust, like Marvel, Jennair, Whirlpool and Liebherr.