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Upright Freezers

  •  Upright freezers offer long-term, efficient bulk freezer storage with the organizational advantages of an upright shelf design. Coast Appliances carries upright freezers in different sizes and price points, with our convenient appliance delivery service ready to help bring your new freezer home.

Upright Freezers Benefits

Discover the practicality of upright freezers at Coast Appliances, crafted with thoughtful features that complement your storage needs and lifestyle. Our range includes models that stand out for their effective use of space, user-friendly design, and energy efficiency. The upright freezers we provide go beyond just freezing your food; they aid in organizing your items neatly and within easy reach, all while maintaining a dependable cold to make sure your food remains well-preserved over time.

Our approach is simple: offer quality appliances that deliver real value. The upright freezers in our selection are competitively priced, and various promotions aim to enhance your purchasing experience, ensuring you get an appliance that suits your needs without stressing your budget.

Bringing Your Upright Freezer Home

Getting your new upright freezer set up at home doesn’t have to be a hassle. Start by measuring the space where you plan to place it. Ensure you’ve got the height, width, and depth correct, and don’t forget to account for door swing and ventilation — this helps ensure that your freezer works efficiently right from the start.

Next, take a little time to prepare the area. Make sure there’s an accessible power outlet and that the floor is level. Clearing a path for the delivery helps everything go smoothly on the day your freezer arrives.

At Coast Appliances, our goal is to simplify this transition for you. We offer a range of services, including delivery and installation, to ensure that the setup of your new freezer is efficient and hassle-free. Our approach is meticulous and focused on providing a seamless experience, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your new appliance without delay.

For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and old appliance removal services, please visit our shipping and delivery page.

Upright Freezers FAQ

The first decision in any freezer purchase is deciding what size you need. A common rule of thumb is to plan on at least 1.5 cubic feet per person in your family. So for a family of four, a 6-square-foot freezer would be a good starting point.

Upright freezers solve one of the biggest drawbacks chest freezer owners encounter: organization. Having shelves can make it easier to find things than digging through one big tub. Upright freezers also usually have a smaller footprint than chest freezers. However, uprights are generally not as efficient as chest freezers, since they don’t have a “tub” design to prevent cold air from spilling out.

Upright freezers do not require a water connection. They are designed for long-term storage so don’t feature things like water dispensers and ice makers.

Once upright freezers reach their desired internal temperature they tend to run efficiently. Keeping the door closed helps, as does inspecting the door seals to make sure they are sealing properly.

Coast Appliances carries Maytag, Frigidaire, Whirlpool and other popular upright freezer brands.