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  • You want to outfit your kitchen with the very best appliances that are available, that’s why we offer a full selection of Gaggenau’s finest. Coast Appliances will even arrange to deliver your amazing new appliances and remove whatever you’re replacing at the same time.
Gaggenau FAQ

As an ultra-luxury brand, Gaggenau appliances usually start in the low thousands of dollars but can easily exceed $10 thousand per appliance. You’d have to put considerable effort into finding appliances with a higher price ceiling. Despite that, Gaggenau appliances are considered by many to be worth every penny of the investment.

Gaggenau makes just about any appliance that would go in a home kitchen, including luxury items like espresso machines. You can find ranges, ovens, warming drawers, and so much more. The Coast Appliances’ lineup of Gaggenau appliances includes hundreds of individual items to offer for all styles of kitchens.

Gaggenau is an extreme luxury brand. It competes directly with well-known brands like Wolf, and Gaggenau is often considered the premier brand for home kitchen appliances. Watch reviews or tours of the most expensive homes in the world, and you’ll see that many of them are equipped with the finest Gaggenau models.

Gaggenau appliances often retain their value in a way that consumer appliances typically do not. These appliances are made to last a lifetime, and they’re one of the preferred brands for some of the wealthiest people in the world. While we’re confident you’ll love your Gaggenau appliances, they are worth the money.