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Washer & Dryer Accessories

  • Coast Appliances not only sells a wide selection of washers and dryers, but we also sell accessories for your appliances. Washer and dryer accessories include hoses, stacking kits, and detergent. Coast Appliances carries a vast selection of brands from Bosch to Samsung if you need accessories for your new washer or dryer. In addition, we can deliver your new appliance and accessories and remove your existing ones.
Washer & Dryer Accessories FAQ

Washer and dryer accessories do not usually need to be replaced unless you have a leaking hose or if your pedestal stand has somehow cracked. Otherwise, your stacking kit should last the life of your washer and dryer. Should you have significant repair issues with your current laundry appliances, we have an extensive inventory of high-quality washers and dryers and offer competitive pricing.

First, carefully remove the catch from the inside of your dryer using a putty knife, and then place your new catch in the hole. Next, remove the metal clamp from the door using a pair of pliers and then place the new clamp into the hole. If you have significant problems beyond repair, know that we offer flexible financing and competitive pricing on our inventory of laundry appliances.

The most popular washer and dryer accessories include pedestals, stacking kits, hoses, anti-vibration pads, and magnetic door props. Should you need any accessories or if you're ready for a new washer or dryer, we have an extensive inventory of brand-name washers and dryers.

You may be able to use another brand's pedestal for your washer, but it's best to remain brand-specific when possible. That said, hoses are not brand-specific, so as long as you have the proper size hose, any brand should work fine. In terms of stacking kits, it’s necessary to buy kits that are made specifically for your brand of washer and dryer.