Top Load Washers FAQ

With a front load washer, you'll load the washer from a door at the front of the appliance, while top load washers are loaded from above. In addition, there are differences in how the two types of washers clean. Front load washers agitate clothes to get them clean, while top load washers allow clothes to soak during the wash cycle.

A top load washer can clean clothes more quickly, but it will use more water and require more detergent. This can put more stress on your clothing. However, if you choose a washer from a reliable brand, you can expect great results regardless of what style washer you go with.

Top load washers use more water and energy than front load models, and they can't be stacked. With that said, these washers are very easy to load and have fast cycles. You can also add more items to a top load washer mid-cycle.

We offer dozens of washers, making it easy for you to find the best washer for your home. Some of our most popular top load washers are from brands like Maytag, Amana, and LG. Not only do we have a fantastic selection, but we also have washers at many price points.