Coast Appliances French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

  • French doors refrigerators are loved by many for their modern designs and their functionality. With wider shelves and large door bins, they offer sizable storage options to help keep your fridge organized. At Coast Appliances, you can find a variety of french doors refrigerators with various features like water dispensers, adjustable door bins, and even Wi-Fi connectivity.

French Door Refrigerator Benefits

Coast Appliances brings you a handpicked selection of French-door refrigerators that are more than just a place to store your groceries — they’re a stylish and practical upgrade for your kitchen. Chosen from trusted brands, our fridges come with features that make life easier: think spacious shelves, handy drawers, and user-friendly designs that keep your foods fresh and easily accessible.

We believe in providing real value. Our fridges are competitively priced, and we sweeten the deal with exclusive offers, ensuring that quality comes with affordability, with customer service that goes beyond just making a sale. We offer a seamless shopping experience, assisting you from the purchase to the professional installation of your refrigerator, even taking care of your old appliance removal.

Bringing Your French Door Refrigerator Home

Preparing for your new French-door refrigerator is straightforward with a bit of planning. Start by measuring the space — consider the width, depth, and height, ensuring there’s enough room for doors to open and proper ventilation. Also, confirm there are accessible electrical outlets and a clear path for the delivery, including wide enough doorways and hallways.

At Coast Appliances, our goal is to simplify your experience. We manage the logistics, delivering and installing your refrigerator with precision and care. Our dedicated team ensures your new appliance is ready for immediate use, prioritizing a seamless and efficient installation process.
For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and old appliance removal services, please visit our shipping and delivery page.

French Door Refrigerators FAQ

French door refrigerators have many benefits but are renowned for their spacious interior and organizational features. They provide easier access to frequently used items, so you don't need to open all doors to grab things quickly. If you’re looking to organize your food and drinks, so you don't lose any time digging through a messy fridge, French doors are for you.

Unlike other types of refrigerators, a french door refrigerator tends to use less energy and can maintain a more consistent internal temperature. By opening just one side of the door, you can use half as much energy to keep food fresher longer and help minimize energy loss from temperature swings.

The term "french door" means to have a door that has two sections. Just like traditional french doors, a french door refrigerator has two refrigerator doors on top. This is different from a single-door refrigerator which has one door on the top and a freezer drawer below it. A french door fridge usually comes with a freezer drawer underneath that can be accessed by pulling down either of the doors above.

As one of the most popular styles of refrigerators, there can be many options of brands to choose from. When selecting a brand, it's good to check out some of the top brands and what features they offer. At Coast Appliances, we can help you narrow down the best features from some of the top brands we carry, including Samsung, LG, Fisher Paykel, Whirlpool, and many more.