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  • Small appliances are the backbone of any well-equipped home. Coast Appliances carriers a number of quality brands to choose from. With our Price Match Guarantee and our delivery and installation services, we make shopping for small appliances almost as much fun as creating with them.
Small Appliances FAQ

Generally speaking, small appliances are usually easily stored or kept on your countertop and are machines that do jobs you could do by hand (but would rather not!) A small appliance can do these jobs faster and with less effort, leaving you more time to enjoy yourself.

At Coast Appliances, we carry small appliances that make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable. Our high-quality coffee machines serve up serious brews, whether you choose a countertop or a built-in model. And our KitchenAid stand mixers are unparalleled for their utility and durability.

Coffee makers are one of the most commonly-used small appliances; after all, morning - before your coffee - is probably the time you need the most help! Mixers are another important kitchen time-saver, as anyone who has tried to beat whipped cream by hand can tell you.

Two advantages of using small kitchen appliances are time and convenience. With a small appliance like a mixer, chores like mixing, beating, and whipping are completed much faster than if done by hand. And an automatic coffeemaker lets you do other things while your coffee takes care of itself.

At Coast Appliances, we feature some of the most renowned small-appliance brands: KitchenAid, Thermador, Miele among others. We've done the homework to offer you only the best brands on the market.