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Chest Freezers

  • If you’re seeking the convenience and efficiency of a chest freezer, Coast Appliances is the place to look. We have a range of sizes in stock and ready to deliver to you with our appliance delivery service.
Chest Freezers FAQ

Chest freezers are an impressive combination of utility, economy and efficiency. They can freeze large quantities of food (buying in bulk saves money) efficiently, since the tub construction doesn’t let much cold air out when they’re opened. And since their construction is straightforward, they are often much less expensive than a regular refrigerator.

The most important decision regarding a chest freezer - or any deep freezer - is size. You want something big enough for your needs, but without wasted space. The experts at Coast Appliances can help you decide.

Deep freezers are designed to hold frozen food for extended periods of time, so they are better insulated than everyday fridge/freezer units. A chest freezer is one kind of deep freezer; the other is an upright freezer.

Chest freezers work best in cool, dry places (with an outlet nearby). In most places it’s best to keep them indoors, since extreme heat or cold - or direct sunlight - can affect their efficiency. If you’re going to be in and out of your freezer a lot you may want it in or close to the kitchen. For longer-term storage many people keep them in the basement or garage.

Some of the reliable chest freezer brands we carry at Coast Appliances include Ascoli, Danby and Vitara.