Coast Appliances Downdraft Cooktops

Downdraft Cooktops

  • Downdraft cooktops give you the benefits of a vented cooking area without the hassle or intrusion of an external vent hood. Coast Appliances has both gas and electric downdraft cooktops to suit your needs and fit with your kitchen design.
Downdraft Cooktops FAQ

Downdraft cooktops can be effective at venting smoke, steam and odors from the cooking surface. They can be installed in high-ceilinged kitchens or in places with limited cabinet space with no overhead hood. Since they’re at cooktop level they’re easier to clean than overhead vent hoods.

Not every manufacturer makes downdraft cooktops. At Coast Appliances, we are proud to carry several models from two brands consumers have trusted for years: KitchenAid and Jennair.

Most downdraft vents pull air into ductwork below the countertop (and sometimes below the floor) and vent it outside. Some downdraft vents recirculate the air, filter it, and vent it back into the kitchen.

A downdraft cooktop contains cooking elements - gas or electric - and a flat vent that either runs up the middle of the cooktop or raises and lowers from the cooktop surface. The vent uses a powerful fan to pull smoke, steam and hot air from the cooktop through filters and ductwork.