Coast Appliances Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Under Cabinet Range Hoods

  • For ease and simplicity, an under-cabinet range hood can be the best kitchen ventilation option. These need a cabinet over your cooking range, but they are often simpler - and more budget-friendly - than other ventilation options. Coast Appliances has under-cabinet range hoods to match any kitchen.
Under Cabinet Range Hoods FAQ

While under cabinet range hoods can be vented to the outside, they don’t have to be. One advantage of many under cabinet range hoods is the flexibility to vent filtered air back into the kitchen.

Under cabinet range hoods can be an effective way to vent airborne grease and odors from your cooking area.

Under cabinet range hoods can be vented into the ductwork and then outside through the wall. Many have a “ductless” option that filters the air and recirculates it in the kitchen.

Coast Appliances carries a broad array of models from popular under-cabinet range hood brands, including Broan, Whirlpool and Elica.