Coast Appliances Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft Range Hoods

  • With a downdraft range vent, there’s no need to worry about where to mount it: they pop up from the countertop next to or behind your range, then retracts when you’re done using them. And with downdraft vents from Coast Appliances, there’s no need to worry about finding the right one: we’ve got it.
Downdraft Range Hoods FAQ

Downdraft range vents effectively draw away smoke, steam and odors from cooktops. Unlike a range hood, downdraft vents can’t utilize hot air’s natural tendency to go upward, so they need to be right next to the range to be most effective.

Most downdraft range vents need to be ducted through the cabinetry and then through a wall, the floor or the ceiling to the outside. Some downdraft vents have a recirculation feature that eliminates the need to vent outside.

Downdraft vents are commonly installed behind or next to a range. They should be placed directly next to a burner; behind a range that is two burners deep, they may be less effective.

Dacor, Bosch, Wolf and Miele are all popular brands of downdraft range vents. They -and others - are in stock and available at Coast Appliances.