Under Counter Ice Makers FAQ

Most under-counter ice makers require a drain line. Some use a simple gravity line - water flows down to the drain - while others may have a drain pump, needed if the drain is far away from where the ice maker will be installed.

Under-counter ice machines are tied into your house’s plumbing system for a constant freshwater supply. They make ice - shapes of the cubes vary from model to model - and store it in a dedicated, insulated compartment that may be removable.

A general rule of thumb for under counter ice makers is to expect five years of service, though it may last longer. Regular maintenance will improve your chances of having a longer-lived ice maker.

Reliable under-counter ice makers are made by familiar brands that are known for quality refrigerators and freezers, like Kitchenaid, Whirlpool and Marvel. Come into Coast Appliances to see which is right for you.