Coast Appliances Combination Ovens

Combination Ovens

  • A combination oven is actually two ovens paired in an over/under configuration. One is a microwave/convection “speed” oven, while the other is a traditional convection oven. Some combination ovens include steam and/or broiler elements for unbeatable versatility.
Combination Ovens FAQ

Some of the most popular brands of combination ovens are Thermador, Bosch, Whirlpool and KitchenAid. Coast Appliances carries these brands, and more. Our experts can help you decide which is perfect for you.

Combination ovens do a great job of shaving time off your cooking schedule, without sacrificing the quality of your finished dish. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for more flexibility, more creativity, and above all more free time in the kitchen.

A convection oven circulates the hot air in the oven to help food cook more quickly and evenly. A combination oven does that too, but adds a microwave heating element to the upper oven - so it’s generally faster than a conventional convection oven.

Combination ovens combine the speed of a microwave with the crisping effects of convection. So you can cook food quickly and still have that “roasted” texture on the outside.