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  • Trust the experts at Coast Appliances to help you select the refrigerator you need from the hundreds of models we offer. With our Price Match Guarantee, you know you're getting a good deal, and our install and removal services mean you don't have to worry about getting rid of an old refrigerator.
Refrigerators FAQ

When choosing a refrigerator, first examine the space you have to install it; make sure you get one that fits your home. Then consider what capacity you need: a fridge that's crammed too full isn't pleasant. And third, work within your budget: with the Coast Appliances Price Match Guarantee and flexible financing, we can help you find your perfect fridge.

As you can see in our extensive selection of refrigerators by industry leaders like GE, Sub Zero, LG, Frigidaire and others, there are many reliable brands to choose from. These are backed by manufacturers’ warranties and are eligible for the Coast Kitchen and Home Appliance Protection Plan.

Refrigerators come in two basic types: refrigerators with either top- or bottom-mount freezer compartments and side-by-side units with fridge and freezer next to each other. There are many variations within these types, like French door refrigerators, which have side-by-side doors for the refrigerator and a freezer below.

The most popular refrigerator type is the top-freezer type, with the refrigerator below. This style is familiar to many people and continues to be popular. However, the french door freezer refrigerator is becoming an overwhelmingly popular choice today for its space and organizational features.

Refrigerators tend to have pretty long lifespans: about 13 years on average. But even before then, their technology may be obsolete, as newer models raise the bar on efficiency and convenience.

When shopping for a refrigerator, one with an Energy Star certification has been tested for increased energy efficiency. Refrigerators with top-mount freezers have been shown in some studies to be the least expensive to operate. And newer refrigerators are markedly more efficient than their older cousins.