Coast Appliances Ventilation Range Hoods

Ventilation Range Hoods

  • Keep your kitchen cooler and cleaner with quality ventilation or range hood system from Coast Appliances. We offer many different styles, from wall to ceiling to under-cabinet mount, ducted or ductless, and even downdraft systems that retract into your countertop when not in use.
Ventilation FAQ

Many of the same quality manufacturers that make ranges also make excellent range hoods. At Coast Appliances, we carry more than a dozen different quality brands of range hoods, including models from Wolf, Bosch, and Whirlpool.

Range hoods come in three common varieties. Ductless vent hoods are frequently mounted under cabinets to filter air and blow it back into your kitchen. Ducted ventilation hoods pull air through a vent to the outdoors; they may be mounted under cabinets, against a wall, or free-standing over an island. Downdraft vents come up from the counter next to the cooking surface and pull air horizontally into a filter and duct system.

Range hoods do not have to be vented outside. There are Ductless vent hoods that use filters to clean grease, humidity, and steam from the air before blowing it back into the room. Ductless range hoods are easy to install and can be more affordable than ducted models.

Maintaining a range hood primarily involves keeping it clean. Remove and wash vent hood filters often to clear out grease and keep it from obstructing airflow. Also, clean the fan blades behind the filters, as particles will build upon these too. Always keep your product manual in hand for the best information on how to maintain your appliances like new.