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Induction Ranges

  • Induction ranges are the most exciting things to happen in home cooking in a generation. At Coast Appliances, you can learn how an induction range might be good for your kitchen. And our convenient delivery/removal service makes it easy to upgrade your kitchen to induction.
Induction Ranges FAQ

An induction range uses electromagnets to quickly and precisely heat pots and pans, but not the cooktop itself. They’ve long been popular with professionals, and now they’re catching on with home cooks.

Induction range lifespans are measured in hours of use, so it could be expected to have a longer or shorter lifespan depending on how much cooking you do. The experts at Coast Appliances can help guide you through the details of induction ranges.

Some popular brands of induction ranges include Frigidaire Gallery, LG, Fisher Paykel and Wolf. We carry all these and more at Coast Appliances.

Because very little heat is wasted in the air, induction ranges are among the most efficient cooking appliances you can buy: around 84% efficient, compared to 74% for an electric range and 40% for a gas range.