Coast Appliances Barbecue Grills

Barbecue Grills

  • Shift your outdoor-living game into overdrive with a BBQ grill from Coast Appliances. Whether you want a BBQ you can fold up, roll away or build into your backyard, we've got a model that will light your fire. Our durable, reliable models will help you serve up smiles.
Barbecue Grills FAQ

Barbecue grills can either be portable units on wheels or casters - some even fold up for easier storage - or built-in models that are permanently mounted. They may use either propane/natural gas or wood/charcoal as fuel.

A beginner will find a gas grill to be the easiest to cook on. Cooking on a gas grill is much like using a stove: the flame is turned on and off, and heat is controlled with knobs. A portable gas grill will be more affordable than one that is permanently mounted.

One of the easiest ways to clean a barbecue is to turn the heat on high and "burn off" anything stuck to the grates. Afterward, a wet brush or metal scrubber on a long handle will scrub off any burned material. The inside of the grill should be cleaned periodically (when cool) to prevent grease fires.

When it comes to ease of cleaning, gas grills are by far the easiest because their fuel - propane or natural gas - leaves no soot or residue. With a gas grill, the only cleaning necessary is the removal of stuck-on food particles or grease.

Some of the same manufacturers of quality kitchen appliances - like Wolf - also make excellent BBQs for outdoor use. Other companies - like DCS and Napoleon Grills - specialize in outdoor cooking. At Coast Appliances, we carry them all!