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Compact Washers

  • If you have limited space, you'll love the selection of compact washers at Coast Appliances! Our collection includes washers from top brands such as Bosch, Blomberg, and Samsung. Once you find your perfect washer, we can deliver your new appliance directly to your home and remove the old washer you're currently using.

Compact Washer Benefits

Experience the outstanding efficiency of compact washers at Coast Appliances. Our collection is thoughtfully curated from well-known brands, guaranteeing top-tier laundry performance in a compact size. These models embody excellence and care in laundry tasks, promising that every load comes out perfectly cleaned and cared for, despite the space-saving design. Dive into a laundry experience where size doesn’t compromise quality, and each wash reflects the reliable performance of your compact washer.

These washers are specifically designed for spaces where every square inch is valuable, embodying a powerful performance in a compact design. Their size does not compromise their functionality, offering varied washing cycles and energy-efficient operations suitable for various modern laundry needs.

At Coast Appliances, customer satisfaction is our priority. We’re here to make your journey from choosing a compact washer to using it in your home as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Our washers, sourced from reliable brands, are priced competitively, and we sweeten the deal with attractive promotions whenever possible to ensure you get great value.

Bringing Your Compact Washers Home

To properly accommodate your new compact washer, accurate measurement of the intended space is essential. Consider the width, depth, and height of the space, ensuring there’s enough room for doors to open and necessary connections. These preparatory steps are crucial to maintain the washer’s performance and ease of access.

Get your space ready by ensuring the availability of appropriate electrical outlets and water connections. Clear the pathway from the entrance to the washer’s designated location to ensure a smooth and unobstructed installation process.

Our comprehensive services are designed to make your experience seamless. We manage everything from delivering your new washer carefully to ensuring its installation is precise and convenient. And to make your transition even smoother, we’ll take care of removing your old appliance, ensuring that you can enjoy your new compact washer without any additional worries or hassles.

For more detailed information on our delivery, installation, and old appliance removal services, please visit our shipping and delivery page.

Compact Washers FAQ

Compact washers are usually less than 60cm wide and have around half the capacity of a full-sized washer. They're specifically designed for small spaces. Compact dryers are also available and are often ventless and are typically very easy to install.

The tub in these small washers is usually less than 2 cubic feet. Most models can fit somewhere between four and eight pounds of laundry per load. They can easily handle small loads of laundry, but they may not be large enough to wash comforters and other bulky items.

Our compact washers range from 1.1 to 2.2 cubic feet in size. Most of our small washers are around half the size of a full-size washer. Some models have flexible designs that make them easy to install.

Even if you don't have much room, you'll be able to find the right washer for your home at Coast Appliances. We offer compact washing machines from brands you can trust, including Bosch, LG, and Electrolux. We're always happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect washing machine for your needs.