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  • Huebsch is an American manufacturer of washers and dryers, including commercial laundry equipment. The company is known for producing reliable and rugged washing machines and dryers, offering 3-, 5-, and 7-year warranties as peace of mind. Coast Appliances provides a selection of consumer-based Huebsch laundry appliances because of their durability. In addition, Coast Appliances also offers competitive pricing and delivery and removal service on any new Huebsch laundry equipment.
Huebsch FAQ

While other manufacturers use plastic parts, Huebsch uses commercial-quality metal components in their machines. In addition, Huebsch offers outstanding warranties that include all parts and in-home labor. Using customer research analysis, Huebsch scored the highest in the "Good Service From Manufacturer" category, showing that it has fantastic customer service and reliable products. Coast Appliances is proud to offer a selection of high-quality Huebsch washers and dryers.

Huebsch began manufacturing commercial washers and dryers and, with that success, started a consumer line of laundry appliances. Coast Appliances offers Huebsch washers and dryers that will make doing laundry something you look forward to.

Huebsch washers and dryers are tested to almost 11,000 cycles, equivalent to 25 years of performance for the average family. This extensive testing is 2 to 3 times longer than the average brand. If a new Huebsch appliance wasn't a planned expense, use Coast Appliances’ hassle-free financing to purchase your long-lasting new laundry equipment.

Protégez-Vous, a non-profit organization that tests products and performs independent research, awarded the Huebsch TR5 model a "Best Buy." Factors for this award include reliability, wash results/stain removal, rinsing, spin/moisture removal, the gentleness of wash action, ease of use, and noise level.