How to Choose a Built-In Coffee Maker - Built-In Coffee Machine 2024 Buying Guide

The home coffee machine has come a long way in recent years. A built-in coffee machine allows you to enjoy the full barista experience in the comfort of your own home. But with so many models and brands to choose from, where do you even start in choosing a built-in coffee machine?


Don’t worry – we're breaking down what to look for if you want the best built-in coffee maker for your home in 2024.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What is a Built-In Coffee Machine?
  • Where Do You Put a Built-In Coffee Maker?
  • How Much Does a Built-in Coffee Machine Cost?
  • Are Built-In Coffee Machines Worth It?
  • What to Consider When Buying a Built-In Coffee Machine
  • Best Built-In Coffee Machine Brands
  • Built-In Coffee Machine FAQs

What is a Built-In Coffee Machine?

A built-in coffee maker is a fancy coffee maker that can be installed right into your cabinetry. These premium coffee makers are essentially fully automatic barista machines. With a built-in machine, you can seamlessly integrate your coffee maker into your kitchen and enjoy professional-quality, delicious coffee without ever having to leave your home.

Where do you put a built-in coffee maker?

An automatic coffee machine that’s built-in is designed to be installed in your kitchen walls or cabinetry, like any other built-in kitchen appliance. You can opt to have your coffee maker installed at the upper-cabinet height, counter height, or even install it into your kitchen island. Ideally, for convenience of use and safety, the bottom of the unit should be no higher than 45-54.”

How much does a built-in coffee machine cost?

A luxury coffee maker can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $8,600, depending on your chosen model. You'll likely be paying upwards of $5,000 once you consider installation costs. While this is a big expense, you'll be able to enjoy premium coffee every day and maybe even save money on coffee over time.

Are built-in coffee makers worth it?

Built-in coffee machines aren't right for every home, but they can be an excellent investment for avid coffee drinkers. The all-in-one operation makes them convenient to use, and they produce high quality coffee every time. You'll have full control over the brewing process, allowing you to enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and other coffeehouse favorites in the comfort of your own home.

Which Built-In Coffee Machine is Right for Me?

Choosing a built-in coffee bar can be overwhelming when you start the process. If you've never purchased an appliance like this, you may not know what to look for. Take the following factors into consideration to find the best built-in coffee machines for home use.


How many cups of coffee will you prepare on an average morning? You should choose an in-wall coffee maker that can quickly prepare enough java for all the coffee drinkers in your household.

Preference Settings

Top-rated coffee machines often have intelligent saved preference settings that allow you to prepare your ideal cup of coffee with the touch of a button. Miele coffee machine built-in models, for example, have preference settings that allow you to prepare single and double servings of specialty beverages.

Milk Frother

An appliance with a milk frother is essentially a latte machine for home use. However, note that most frothers have to be removed and cleaned separately, and they may not be necessary if you don't enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, and other frothed milk drinks.

Self Cleaning

Cleaning and descaling can be automated on a machine that has self-cleaning features. Some built-in espresso machine models use a combination of hot water and steam to rinse the appliance after each use automatically.

Coffee Grinder

When you grind coffee beans right before you prepare your coffee, you'll be able to maximize freshness and flavor. If you don't have a coffee grinder, you may want to consider a barista coffee maker with an integrated grinder.


For the true coffee enthusiast, it can be hard to do anything before you've had that morning cup of Joe. If you need caffeine to even think about starting your day, a fancy coffee machine with a timer can automatically prepare coffee so it’s ready for you when you wake up.


A plumbed coffee maker is connected to your plumbing system, which means you won't have to add water to brew coffee. If you are installing a machine with convenient plumbing access, you may want to consider a coffee maker with a water line.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many of the best-integrated coffee machine models can connect to Wi-Fi and use smart technology. This will allow you to connect your coffee maker to your phone and the other appliances in your kitchen, so you can activate it at the touch of a (smartphone) button.

What Brand is Best for a Built-in Coffee Machine?

Built-in coffee makers have surged in popularity in recent years, which means there are now options from many leading brands. If you're hoping to find the best high-end coffee maker for your home, you should choose an appliance manufactured by a brand you trust.

Coast offers appliances from many excellent manufacturers. Whether you want a Bosch coffee maker or a product from Miele, we can help you choose the built-in coffee machine perfect for your needs. Some of our top-rated models include:


Many coffee drinkers spend hundreds – dare we say even thousands – per year on their favorite beverage. Instead of splurging on expensive drinks, invest in an appliance that allows you to enjoy premium coffee at home.

Browse the full selection of built-in coffee machines at Coast and choose the right barista coffee machine for your home today.

Built-In Coffee Machine FAQs

Do built-in coffee machines need plumbing?

In some cases, a built-in coffee maker won’t have an internal water tank, which means it will have to be connected to plumbing. Other models can't be connected to plumbing, and some offer a water tank and plumbing access. Before purchasing your built-in machine, be sure you know what you want and what your space can accommodate.

Which built-in coffee makers are plumbed?

Thermador and Miele both offer plumbed coffee makers. In addition, Coast has built-in coffee machine models with a water tank.

How long will a built-in coffee machine last?

A built-in coffee maker can last 10 years or longer if the machine is properly cared for.

How do you maintain a built-in coffee machine?

To keep your coffee maker in good condition, make sure that the machine is cleaned and descaled regularly.

How do you connect a water line to a coffee maker?

Connecting a coffee maker to a water line can be a difficult process. Thankfully, Coast offers installation services for all of our appliances.