Electrolux WashTower Expert Review

For homeowners finding an efficient, feature-packed, and reliable laundry machine isn’t a luxury but an absolute necessity. In today's fast-paced world, spending hours washing and drying clothes every week is the last thing people want to think about. And the additional headache of dealing with washers that are harsh on delicate fabrics can turn laundry day into a nightmare. Fortunately, with technological advancements in the home appliance sector, there are new models on the market that promise to revolutionize our laundry experience. Electrolux, a name that has long been associated with trust and top-tier performance in household appliances, has outdone itself with its latest offering: the WashTower. It combines both a washer and a dryer while ensuring space optimization. This article aims to take you through the features and merits of the Electrolux WashTower, diving deep into its groundbreaking features and comprehensive guidance on why this might be a game-changing addition to your laundry room.  

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Electrolux WashTower Overview 

For over a century, Electrolux has established itself as a symbol of reliability and innovation. Their offerings have consistently set benchmarks in terms of functionality, design, and user satisfaction. The newly introduced Electrolux WashTower is yet another feather in their cap, epitomizing their longstanding tradition of excellence. The Electrolux WashTower isn't just another laundry machine but a harmonious blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and versatility. With this product, Electrolux has successfully taken its recognized laundry quality and repackaged it into a space-efficient, stacked design.  

Electrolux has ushered in a new era with its first-ever stacked laundry tower design, placing special emphasis on user-friendliness. The revamped controls and intuitive user interface underscore the brand’s success in this area. Besides the new look and upgraded controls, its core remains grounded in Electrolux’s trusted engineering. It is equipped with the LuxCare Dry System that treats your fabrics with care while washing them effectively. The Electrolux WashTower also ensures fast and convenient washing with the incredible 30-minute wash and dry feature. Reversible doors are a thoughtful addition that offers the flexibility of use, and the pure rinse cleaner saves water, removing detergent and fragrance efficiently. The appliance can be installed easily in just a few steps, making it adaptable to any laundry room.  

Electrolux WashTower Dimensions and Capabilities  

Dimensions: One of the standout aspects of the Electrolux WashTower is its attention to efficient space usage. For potential buyers, understanding the dimensions is important. The company offers two models in the 300 Series—namely, the ELTE7300AW electric dryer and the ELTG7300AW gas dryer. These models sport a uniform width of 27 inches (68.5 cm), a depth of 32 inches (81.2 cm), and an impressive height of 76 ¼ inches (193 cm). For those eyeing the upscale 600 series that comes in four models, the dimensions are near-identical with a height of 76 inches (193 cm), ensuring that these WashTowers fit seamlessly into standard laundry spaces.



Capacity: Beyond just dimensions, the true mettle of any washer or dryer lies in its capacity. Electrolux ensures that both the 300 and 600 series are built for the modern family, offering generous washing and drying capacities. The 300 series boasts a washer with a 5.1 cu. ft. (144.4 l) capacity, while its companion dryer, situated below, has a commendable 8.0 cu. ft. (226.8 l) capacity. The 600 series further ups the ante with a 5.2 cu. ft. (147.2 l) washer, while the dryer maintains the 8.0 cu. ft. (226.8 l) standard.  

Finishes: Aesthetics play a critical role when selecting an appliance. Electrolux knows this, offering finishes that not only elevate the utility of the device but also its visual appeal. The 300 series champions understated elegance with its pristine white finish, a choice that assures seamless blending into any decor. On the other hand, the 600 series offers versatility with options in both classic white and a chic titanium finish, accentuated with specially tinted doors, adding a touch of modernity to your laundry space.  

Cycles: A comprehensive washing and drying solution should cater to the diverse fabric and washing needs of its users. The 300 series offers a total of 7 cycles, with the dryer even featuring an allergen-specific cycle. The 600 series pushes the boundaries further, with its washer flaunting 8 wash cycles ranging from optic white to active wear. Its dryer counterpart matches this with 8 cycles, including instant refresh and activewear options.  

Cycle Options: Electrolux understands that washing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. The 300 series washer offers specialized options such as stain treat, extra rinse, extended refresh, and a delay start feature. Its dryer counterpart complements this with an extended tumble, wrinkle release, and a dry boost feature. The 600 series, meanwhile, further refines this with the washer boasting stain soak, pure rinse, perfect steam, allergen, and delay start. The dryer isn’t left behind, boasting features like perfect steam, wrinkle release, extended tumble, dry light, dry boost, and delay start.  

Additional Features: Electrolux doesn’t stop at just cycles. They ensure the washing and drying experience is as intuitive and efficient as possible. With features like multi-tiered temperature controls and preset timers, users are assured of precise stain removal in the shortest time possible, ensuring that every laundry cycle culminates in clean, fresh clothes.


What We Like in the New Electrolux WashTower 

The Electrolux WashTower is not just another appliance on the market; it is an example of what happens when meticulous design meets user-centric functionality. At its core, the WashTower offers user convenience, seamlessly integrating into daily routines and turning the often-dreaded task of doing the laundry into an almost therapeutic experience. The intuitive design is not merely about aesthetics—it translates into a simplified user interface that ensures operations are straightforward and hassle-free. 

Another commendable feature is the customizable cycles. Gone are the days of generic wash cycles that don't cater to specific laundry needs. With the Electrolux WashTower, each laundry load receives customized care, whether it's delicates, activewear, or bed linens. This level of personalization allows users to have unparalleled control, setting a new benchmark in the laundry experience.  

Beyond its impeccable performance, the WashTower scores big in sustainability. Its energy-efficient operations align perfectly with the growing global emphasis on eco-friendly living. The washer also comes with a pre-rins
e feature that washes out soap residue while using less water. Not only does it promise top-tier washing and drying capabilities, but it also contributes to a larger purpose: minimizing your carbon footprint. This dual advantage solidifies the Electrolux WashTower's position as not just a household appliance but a significant step toward more conscious living.

It also presents a solution to a common laundry dilemma, the space-saving convenience of a full-size stacked washer and dryer, packed into a more compact design with centrally located controls. This means you won't have to reach for a step stool to operate the dryer, making laundry chores easier for everyone, regardless of your height.


Factors to Consider when Buying an Electrolux WashTower 

As you stand at the crossroads of investing in a new washer-dryer, it's essential to make an informed choice. Here's a deeper dive into crucial factors about the Electrolux WashTower to keep in mind:  

Effective Washing Techniques: A stellar washing machine isn't just about its aesthetic or technological prowess but fundamentally about how effectively it cleans and cares for your garments. The Electrolux WashTower stands out with its diverse range of washing and drying cycles, crafted meticulously to address various laundry needs. Whether it's stubborn stains on delicate fabrics or the need for a quick refresh, this machine promises optimal results. It's not merely about saving time or effort; it's about extending the life and quality of your cherished items of clothing.  

Space Requirements: The Electrolux WashTower, though artfully compact, still demands a specific footprint in your home. It's not just about fitting the appliance in your home but also ensuring optimal performance. Always measure the designated area, and remember to factor in additional space for ventilation and easy access, ensuring the machine functions efficiently and safely.  

Energy Consumption: The green credentials of any appliance are more significant today than ever. While the WashTower boasts energy-efficient operations, it's beneficial to delve deeper into its energy rating. This step not only gives clarity about its eco-friendliness but also translates into potential monetary savings in the long run. By comparing these ratings with other models on the market, you get a comprehensive view of its energy consumption landscape.  

Integration with Smart Home Systems: Modern homes are increasingly becoming interconnected ecosystems powered by smart technology. If you're part of this digital wave, it's worth exploring how the WashTower fits into your smart home narrative. Dive into its compatibility and integration capabilities and understand how it can leverage remote management and real-time alerts for an enhanced, connected laundry experience.  


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In the rapid technological evolution of the home appliance landscape, the Electrolux WashTower shines as a symbol of excellence. At the heart of its design lies a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art innovation, unparalleled efficiency, and a user-centric approach that feels both intuitive and empowering. While it undeniably boasts an array of features that make it stand out, every potential buyer should tread with discernment. It's essential to make sure the WashTower fits your individual needs, ensuring that its capabilities align seamlessly with your laundry demands. For those looking for an evolved, efficient, and elegant solution to their laundry challenges, the Electrolux WashTower, with its promise of redefined standards and unmatched performance, is a stellar choice.