LG vs. Samsung Dishwasher Review: Which Brand Wins?

The dishwasher has become an essential appliance in modern kitchens, eliminating the tedious task of hand-washing dishes and providing more efficient, hygienic cleaning. Two brands that have solidified their reputations in the dishwasher market are LG and Samsung. This article delves deep into the features, performance, and value of both brands’ dishwashers, aiming to guide readers in choosing the perfect dishwasher to meet their needs.  

LG vs. Samsung Dishwasher Overview 

LG and Samsung, two titans in the home appliances realm, have carved out substantial market shares and loyal followings due to their consistent delivery of cutting-edge products. Originating from the technological hub of South Korea, both brands have developed a robust reputation for intertwining quality with aesthetic appeal.  

On the surface, their dishwashers might seem to have a similar DNA—both offering sleek designs, user-friendly interfaces, and a commitment to durability. However, the devil is in the details. Samsung, for instance, often integrates the latest smart home technology and digital advancements into their models, making them the go-to choice for tech enthusiasts. On the other hand, LG has been at the forefront of developing unique cleaning techniques and mechanisms, appealing to those who prioritize functionality and thorough cleaning over other features. Cost-wise, both brands cater to a wide range of budgets, with offerings from the mid-tier to the premium segment. 

LG Dishwashers 

LG has long been a beacon of innovation in home appliances, particularly in the dishwasher industry. With a vast and varied portfolio, the brand caters to a broad spectrum of users, ranging from budget-conscious households to those seeking high-end luxury. The company's ethos is deeply rooted in harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology to enhance user convenience and elevate the overall washing experience. Furthermore, LG's attention to sleek and modern design ensures their dishwashers not only perform optimally but also seamlessly integrate into contemporary kitchen aesthetics.

LG Dishwasher Technical Specifications: 

  • Direct Drive Motor: Offers better efficiency and fewer repairs.
  • QuadWash System: Four spray arms instead of two for improved cleaning.

  • Dual Zone Wash: Adjusts water intensity for soft and hard dishes.

  • SmartThinQ Technology: Connects the dishwasher to Wi-Fi for remote management.

  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation: Ensures the dishwasher operates quietly.

Featured in models such as:  


LG Dishwasher Cleaning Technology and Performance 

LG sets itself apart with its proprietary cleaning technologies that guarantee spotless results. PrecisionWash utilizes targeted water jets, while the AquaSensor monitors water quality. The brand's specialized cycles also cater to various dishware types, ensuring tailored and efficient cleaning for every load.  

  • PrecisionWash: Uses advanced sensors to detect dirt levels and adjust cycles accordingly.

  • AquaSensor: Measures the cleanliness of water and adjusts the wash cycle.

  • Steam Technology: Helps remove stubborn grime and sanitizes dishes.

  • Night Dry: Dries dishes overnight with the door slightly open.  

LG Dishwasher Advanced Features 

From the MyWay rack to CrystalDry technology, LG dishwashers are a blend of sophistication and functionality.  

  • MyWay Rack: Offers flexibility when loading bigger utensils.

  • CrystalDry Technology: Uses zeolite to enhance drying performance.

  • Auto Door Release: Automatically opens the door at the end of a cycle for better drying.  

LG Dishwasher Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 

LG emphasizes energy-efficient designs with ENERGY STAR ratings, ensuring minimal power consumption and reduced water usage and promoting sustainable living. 

Samsung Dishwashers 

Samsung, a trailblazer in home appliances, has consistently delivered dishwashers that combine intelligent functionality with elegant design. Their offerings embody a blend of cutting-edge technology and efficiency, ensuring optimal performance. Moreover, their commitment to aesthetics means each dishwasher is not just functional but also a visually pleasing addition to your modern kitchen. 

Samsung Dishwasher Technical Specifications 

  • WaterWall Technology: Provides a powerful wall of water for better cleaning.

  • Zone Booster: Targets specific areas with intense washing.

  • AutoRelease Door: Aids in drying by opening the door automatically.

  • FlexTray: Offers easy unloading of smaller items.

  • Digital Leak Sensor: Detects leaks and shuts off the dishwasher.


Samsung Dishwasher Cleaning Technology and Performance 

Samsung's commitment to impeccable cleanliness is evident in its advanced cleaning features. The ProWash system ensures thorough cleaning, while the dynamic wash offers consistent results. Additionally, the diverse cycles cater to various dishware and stains, highlighting the brand’s dishwashing precision.  

  • ProWash System: Optimizes the cleaning cycle based on the load.

  • Dynamic Wash Arms: Ensures even water distribution.

  • StormWash: Powerful rotating jets tackle dirty dishes.

  • Sanitize Cycle: Kills up to 99.99% of bacteria.

Samsung Dishwasher Advanced Features 

Samsung's advanced features, like the FreeFlex Third Rack, advanced drying options, and smart integration, enhance user convenience. 

  • FreeFlex Third Rack: Allows for versatile loading of dishes.

  • AutoDoor Open: Releases steam and improves drying.

  • Smart Control: Wi-Fi-enabled controls for remote operation.

Samsung Dishwasher Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 

Samsung's dishwashers come with ENERGY STAR ratings, focusing on efficient water usage and eco-friendly features, meeting with the brand's sustainability initiatives. 

LG vs. Samsung Design and Aesthetics 

Both brands showcase sleek designs, multiple finishes, and customizable options. LG tends to favor minimalist designs with matte finishes. Samsung leans toward contemporary designs with glossy finishes. 

LG Design Elements: 

  • stainless steel, stainless matte black, and black stainless finishes 

  • pocket handle, bar handle, and towel bar handle designs 

  • LED displays with smooth touch controls 

Samsung Design Elements: 

  • stainless steel, Tuscan stainless, and black stainless finishes 

  • hidden touch controls with ice-blue LED displays 

  • recessed handle, bar handle, and pocket handle designs 

LG vs. Samsung Dishwasher Comparison Table 

A comparison table is a helpful tool when differentiating between two brands. Users can make an informed decision by considering aspects like cleaning technology, drying mechanisms, noise levels, energy efficiency, and design options. 

Feature LG Dishwasher Samsung Dishwashers

Cleaning Technology 

PrecisionWash, AquaSensor, Steam Technology, and Night Dry 

ProWash System, Dynamic Wash Arms, StormWash, and Sanitize Cycle 

Advanced Rack System 

Height Adjustable Third Rack 

FreeFlex Third Rack 

Drying Technology 

TrueSteam Technology 

AutoRelease Door Drying 

Noise Level 

40 to 44 dB 

39 to 55 dB 

Energy Efficiency 

ENERGY STAR Certified 

ENERGY STAR Certified 

Design Options 

Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, White 

Stainless Steel, Black Stainless, Tuscan Stainless 

Smart Integration 

LG ThinQ App Compatibility 

SmartThings App Compatibility 

Customer Reviews 

3.5 to 4.1/5 stars 

3.6 to 4/5 stars 

LG vs. Samsung Dishwasher: What’s Right for You? 

Deciding between LG and Samsung dishwashers hinges on individual preferences. While LG often emphasizes unique cleaning mechanisms, Samsung highlights tech-forward features. Additionally, design aesthetics, energy efficiency, and smart integration capabilities can play pivotal roles in the decision-making process. 

  • Integration: If smart home integration is a priority, Samsung might edge out. 

  • Cleaning Technology: LG's QuadWash and PrecisionWash could appeal to those wanting a meticulous clean. 

  • Design Aesthetics: Those keen on sleeker, minimalistic designs might lean toward LG, while contemporary fans might opt for Samsung. 

LG vs Samsung Dishwasher FAQs  

How to Clean an LG Dishwasher? 

To clean an LG dishwasher, first remove all the debris from the filter and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. After cleaning the spray arms with a toothpick, run a cycle with a bowl full of dishwasher cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and baking soda inside it. Finally, empty the detergent dispenser and check the door seal for any residue.  

Who Makes Samsung Dishwashers? 

Samsung, a South Korean brand, manufactures its own dishwashers. It is one of the largest producers of electronic devices in the world. 

Are LG Dishwashers Reliable? 

LG is a reputable brand based in South Korea that has been manufacturing electronic devices since 1958. Undeniably, LG dishwashers are considered reliable, with loads of positive reviews on their performance and features. Keep in mind that the performance and longevity of a device depend on its maintenance and usage. 

Is Samsung a Reliable Dishwasher Brand? 

Samsung, a global brand known for making multi-tasking electronic devices, is generally considered a reliable dishwasher brand. Keep in mind that the performance and longevity of a device depend on its maintenance and usage.