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  • Coast Appliances takes pride in many of our top appliance brands, but few offer a sense of quality and luxury beyond what you will find with Bluestar. Our competitively-priced selection includes professional-quality cooking appliances, top-of-the-line refrigerators, and a great range of other amazing options. And with our delivery and removal service, we make it easy to upgrade to luxury Bluestar appliances
Bluestar FAQ

Bluestar does make induction ranges, and they’re highly competitive with the most advanced and capable induction cooktops on the market. The 5-burner top has a tone of versatile cooking options, allowing you to cook quickly and with high levels of precision. When you want the best in kitchen goods, Bluestar induction ranges are an excellent choice.

BlueStar is one of the most reliable brands you’ll find for oven manufacturing. BlueStar ovens provide the most precise and advanced cooking options you can find for home kitchen appliances. Whether you have a live-in chef or want to pursue the greatest heights of home cooking, these ovens will help you get there.

BlueStar does have sealed burners that provide up to 21,000 BTUs of searing power. This provides incredible options for precision cooking and simmering, allowing you to pursue flavors and textures that just aren’t possible with lesser-quality equipment. Add a BlueStar sealed burner to the rest of your kitchen appliance lineup for the most advanced, capable kitchen imaginable.

BlueStar appliances are competitively priced, but they’re not entry-level options. For most appliances, pricing will start in the vicinity of $10,000 and can go up from there as you add more advanced features and professional options. There are some items with more modest pricing, such as the 35.75-inch french door refrigerator, which starts at under $6,000.