Coast Appliances Ez-Flo Appliances


  • Coast Appliances carries a quality selection of Ez-Flo washing machine accessories, including hoses, clamps, and everything else you need to get a new washer or dryer up and running. Coast Appliances works hard to keep prices competitive for every accessory, and when you combine that with our drop-off and removal service, we make it easier than ever to upgrade your existing laundry appliances.
    Ez-Flo FAQ

    Ez-Flo makes a range of accessories, including attachment hoses, clamps, and installation kits. The braided stainless steel washing machine hoses (for warm and cold water) are core to Coast Appliances washer and dryer packages. Dryer hoses, hose clamps, and stainless steel steam dryer kits are also available from Ez-Flo.

    Every brand at Coast Appliances is compatible with Ez-Flo washing machine hoses. That’s why the Ez-Flo hoses are the standard choice for our complete washer and dryer assembly kits. Because they’re braided stainless steel and made to industry standards, they fit on all washers built for use in North America, and they’re incredibly durable and reliable.

    Ez-Flo is an excellent accessory brand, which is why Coast Appliances carries them. Ez-Flo hoses are known for their durability and longevity, allowing you to use your washer and dryer virtually every day if you need to, without worrying about the appliance's lifespan. When you want the best at an affordable price, Ez-Flo is there for you.

    To change a dryer hose, loosen and remove any clamps on the hose (usually, you’ll find one on the hose outlet of the dryer). Once the clamps are removed, you can gently pull the hose away from the dryer assembly and your laundry vent. Place the new hose over the dryer vent and the laundry room vent, and secure the clamps so that the hose doesn’t easily twist over the vent.