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  • Marvel Refrigeration has been in the manufacturing industry since the late 19th century. They focus on producing high-end under-counter fridges and ice makers. Coast Appliances offers a wide selection of Marvel refrigerators with competitive pricing as well as a delivery and removal service with each purchase.
Marvel FAQ

Marvel refrigerators are used in various settings, including hospitals that need fridges to keep specific medications and supplies at the correct temperature. Not only do healthcare systems trust Marvel refrigerators for their reliability, but they’re also a top under-counter fridge consumer brand. Coast Appliances offers an extensive list of reliable Marvel under-counter fridges and ice makers.

Marvel Refrigeration prides itself on high-quality manufacturing with professional-grade materials. While a typical under-counter fridge lasts between 8-18 years, Marvel fridges are likely to last longer towards the higher end of the standard given time.

If you need to reset your Marvel refrigerator, you must press the on/off button. You may need to reset it if your display shows a "Power Failure" alarm upon initial power-up. A power failure alarm can initially happen if the fridge was powered at the manufacturing facility for a quality inspection and then it was removed from power.

When researching under-counter fridges, it's essential to consider the stability of the temperature, the cool-down time, energy efficiency, capacity, storage flexibility, and fit and finish. If you want to do your research online, feel free to browse our extensive line of Marvel products available. We also offer a price match guarantee, delivery of your new Marvel fridge, and removal of your old one.