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  • Washing machines at Coast Appliances cover the spectrum from straightforward to spectacular. We have what you need to make your washing machine purchase a happy one, from brand selection to features, competitive pricing, and installation/removal services.

Washers FAQ

Coast Appliances carries many reliable washing machine brands that have made a name for themselves with years of dependable service, like Whirlpool, Samsung, GE, Maytag, Electrolux, and Bosch. When deciding on the best brand of washing machine, you must consider your needs and your budget. Talk to a Coast Appliances professional to learn more.

There are distinct differences between front-load and top-load washers, but they don't make one better than the other. Front-load washers tend to be more efficient, gentler on clothes, and space-saving if stacked. Top-load washers are often more affordable, require less bending to load and unload and allow you to add clothes mid-cycle.

Cleaning your washing machine can result in more efficient wash cycles and cleaner clothes. A classic way to clean your washing machine, set it on the deepest-water cycle, with hot water. Add bleach and let the washer run through its cycle, drain and rinse. Remember to check your manual and follow manufacturers instructions as each Washer can be different.

A front-load washing machine is a great space saver if you need stackable units, and it will also use less water than a top-loading washing machine and be gentler on clothes since there's no agitator.

Top-loading washing machine advantages include the ability to open the lid mid-cycle to add clothes. Many people find loading and unloading from a standing position easier than bending down to reach a front-loader. And finally, top-loading washing machines are often more affordable than front-loaders.