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Blomberg Washer Dryer Sets

  • If you want to upgrade how you take care of your laundry, a Blomberg washer and dryer set is a great option. The advanced washer and dryer appliances include high-efficiency options and a strong variety of settings that allow you to wash everything from specialized delicates to everyday laundry, all at a competitive price. Add with Coast Appliances’ removal and delivery service, and you’ll be ready for years to come.
Blomberg Washer and Dryer FAQ

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Blomberg washers and dryers offer a lot of settings and options. One of the most important things to consider is any specialty laundry needs that you might have. Make sure that the appliances you choose cover all of the settings you expect to use. If the Blomberg set you’re looking at has all the options you need, it will prove to be an excellent option.

The Blomberg dryer is compact, meaning it’s designed to save space. Despite that, it’s an energy-efficient electric dryer. In order to use it, ensure that it has a good heat vent and is plugged into a power outlet. Then, simply choose the setting you want, and let the dryer do the rest.

Blomberg washing machines are intended to be a long-term investment. The standard manufacturer’s warranty covers 1 year, but Blomberg offers extended warranties that last up to 4 years. Even beyond the extended protection plan, Blomberg washers regularly last for many years, making them a reliable investment.