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Blowers & Inserts

  • For the ultimate custom kitchen venting option, look into our selection of blowers and inserts. At Coast Appliances, we’ll help you design a venting solution that fits your kitchen. And a professional installer from our trusted network, combined with our delivery service, means your custom blower will be up and running in no time.

Blowers & Inserts Benefits

Blowers and inserts are key components in custom-built ventilation systems, offering high-performance solutions tailored to the specific needs of your kitchen. These units are designed to be integrated seamlessly into custom hoods or cabinetry, providing effective smoke, grease, and odor removal without impacting the overall kitchen design. Inserts fit neatly into custom enclosures, making them virtually invisible while operating, and blowers, whether installed internally or externally, provide the necessary power to ensure a clean and clear cooking environment.


The flexibility of blowers and inserts allows for a highly personalized kitchen setup. They come in various sizes and power levels to accommodate different cooking styles and kitchen layouts. Advanced models include features such as variable speed controls, heat sensors, and built-in lighting, enhancing their functionality and efficiency.

Bringing Your Blowers & Inserts Home

Selecting the right blower or insert involves planning and consideration of your kitchen’s ventilation needs and the aesthetics of your cabinetry. It’s crucial to choose a unit with the appropriate CFM rating to handle your typical cooking volume, ensuring effective air filtration and extraction. Additionally, the physical size and installation type should be compatible with the custom housing or cabinetry you have in mind.


Installation of these systems is complex and should be handled by Coast’s team of professionals to ensure that the units are correctly integrated into your kitchen design and connected to the ventilation ductwork. Regular maintenance is vital for maintaining the efficiency of blowers and inserts, including cleaning or replacing filters and checking the integrity of the ductwork. Properly maintained, these systems provide robust ventilation support that keeps your kitchen air fresh and clean while remaining aligned with your kitchen’s aesthetic.

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Blowers & Inserts FAQ

A range hood insert is a vent hood exhaust system that can be customized to your space and fit inside your cabinets. This makes the installation seamless with your existing decor and doesn’t add a visible metal hood to your kitchen.

The blower is the “business” part of a range hood insert. It contains a fan that pulls hot air, grease particles and smoke away from your cooktop.

Most - but not all - range hood inserts come with a blower. Blowers for range hood inserts may be one of three kinds: Local (the blower is inside the range hood insert), inline (the blower is part of the ductwork leading away from the range hood insert) or remote (the blower is installed outside your home).

A hood vent insert is just another way of saying “range hood insert”.

A custom range hood insert needs to take into account the size and strength of the range it’s over. It needs to be physically large enough to overshadow most of the cooking surface and move enough air to handle even the hottest burners. The experts at Coast Appliances can help you choose.