Coast Appliances Downdraft Range Hoods

Downdraft Range Hoods

  • With a downdraft range vent, there’s no need to worry about where to mount it: they pop up from the countertop next to or behind your range, then retracts when you’re done using them. And with downdraft vents from Coast Appliances, there’s no need to worry about finding the right one: we’ve got it.

Downdrafts Benefits

Downdraft ventilation systems offer a unique and modern approach to kitchen air management by pulling air downward, directly from the cooking surface. This innovative design is particularly beneficial for kitchens with islands or without the option for overhead ventilation, providing a clean and unobstructed view across the kitchen. Downdrafts are integrated into the countertop or cooktop itself, making them almost invisible when not in use. This integration ensures that your kitchen maintains a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.


The functionality of downdraft systems extends to their ability to quickly capture smoke and odors at the cooking surface before they spread throughout the kitchen. This is ideal for open-plan homes where cooking smells can easily permeate living areas. Many downdraft systems come with advanced filters and adjustable speed controls, so you get better results no matter what you’re cooking.

Bringing Your Downdrafts Home

Selecting the right downdraft ventilation system involves understanding the specifics of your kitchen’s layout and your cooking equipment. Downdrafts are especially suitable for installation with cooktops on kitchen islands, where traditional range hoods are not feasible. It’s important to match the system’s ventilation power, measured in CFM, with the type and amount of cooking you typically do to ensure efficient air extraction.


Installation of downdraft systems can be more complex than traditional range hoods due to their integration with the countertop or cooktop. Professional installation is strongly recommended to ensure the system works efficiently and safely. Once installed, maintaining a downdraft system involves regular cleaning of the filters and ensuring the ventilation path is clear to maximize its efficiency and lifespan. Proper care will help maintain the performance of your downdraft system and contribute to a cleaner, fresher kitchen environment.

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Downdraft Range Hoods FAQ

Downdraft range vents effectively draw away smoke, steam and odors from cooktops. Unlike a range hood, downdraft vents can’t utilize hot air’s natural tendency to go upward, so they need to be right next to the range to be most effective.

Most downdraft range vents need to be ducted through the cabinetry and then through a wall, the floor or the ceiling to the outside. Some downdraft vents have a recirculation feature that eliminates the need to vent outside.

Downdraft vents are commonly installed behind or next to a range. They should be placed directly next to a burner; behind a range that is two burners deep, they may be less effective.

Dacor, Bosch, Wolf and Miele are all popular brands of downdraft range vents. They -and others - are in stock and available at Coast Appliances.