Coast Appliances Dual Fuel Ranges

Dual Fuel Ranges

  • If versatility, accuracy and power are important to your cooking, a dual fuel range may be for you. Combining the power of gas with electricity’s accuracy, they can level up your kitchen game. And to make your upgrade easy, we’ll send our haul-away/delivery service over with your new range.

Dual Fuel Ranges Benefits

Dual fuel ranges combine the precision of a gas cooktop with the consistent heating of an electric oven, offering the best of both worlds. They provide the immediate heat adjustment of gas for stovetop cooking and the even baking and roasting capabilities of an electric oven. The gas cooktop is perfect for quick, powerful heating, ideal for boiling, frying, and sautéing. Meanwhile, the electric oven’s uniform heat distribution is excellent for baking, ensuring steady temperatures. This versatility and precision make dual fuel ranges a top choice for both home cooks and professional chefs.

Dual fuel ranges are not only efficient but also customizable. Many models feature convection cooking, which circulates hot air for faster, more even baking, and programmable settings for common cooking modes. These integrated features enhance the cooking experience, offering both convenience and superior culinary results.

Bringing Your Dual Fuel Range Home

Selecting a dual fuel range requires considering your cooking preferences and kitchen space. It’s essential to measure your space accurately for a perfect fit. Choose a range that complements your kitchen’s layout and style, whether it’s freestanding or slide-in. Assess features like the number of burners, oven size, and special functions, such as self-cleaning or a built-in griddle, to find a range that suits your needs.


Installing a dual fuel range calls for professional expertise due to the gas and electrical connections involved. Coast Appliances provides expert installation services, ensuring safe connection and compliance with local codes. Professional installation is vital for safety, performance, and the longevity of your appliance. After installation, familiarize yourself with the maintenance of your range. Regular cleaning and routine checks of gas connections and electrical components will maintain your range in excellent condition and guarantee a safe, efficient cooking experience.

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Dual Fuel Ranges FAQ

A dual-fuel range combines a gas cooktop with an electric oven (or ovens), often with a convection feature. This combination lets cooks create with powerful, intuitive gas burners on the cooktop, while achieving precise baking and roasting control with electric ovens.

Dual-fuel ranges are, by their nature, more complex than a single-fuel range and as a result, they tend to carry a higher price tag. At Coast Appliances, you can rest assured that our dual-fuel oranges are covered under our Price Match Guarantee.

When choosing a dual-fuel range, get one big enough to meet your needs (Coast Appliances experts can help you determine this). Features to look for include at least one high-power burner (12,000-18,000 BTU’s), convection oven and multiple oven rack positions.

Given how functional dual-fuel ranges are, it’s not surprising that leading range manufacturers like KitchenAid, Wolf, Fisher Paykel and Thermador all offer them. You’ll find these brands and more at Coast Appliances.