Coast Appliances Frigidaire Pro Series Appliances

Frigidaire Pro Series

  • The Frigidaire brand is known for combining luxury and affordability, and that philosophy really shines with their Pro Series. Coast Appliances has a huge selection of Frigidaire Professional appliances, all backed to the brim with great features and still at price points well below the competition. Coast Appliances also handles pickup and delivery, ensuring that you can get appliances you love with no hassle.
Frigidaire Pro Series FAQ

Frigidaire Professional is a brand that caters to the need for high reliability in kitchen and home appliances. The Frigidaire brand is quite reliable, and the Pro Series elevates the standards of quality for every appliance. These are modern, powerful appliances that you can trust.

Frigidaire is a brand that provides affordable appliances that exceed quality expectations. The Gallery collection infuses additional luxury into the Frigidaire brand. Professional takes things up yet another notch, expanding functions, aesthetics, and reliability.

Frigidaire Professional refrigerators are known to last for 17 years or longer. Frigidaire backs its lineup with standard warranties that exceed 3 years (depending on the model and purchase options). Coast Appliances also offers a 4-year protection plan that proves our faith in the brand’s longevity.

TThe Frigidaire Professional line offers all the major appliances that you would need or expect in a home kitchen. That includes refrigerators, ranges, microwaves, and more. You’ll find all of these available in the Coast Appliances Frigidaire Professional collection.