Coast Appliances Gas Cooktops

Gas Cooktops

  • With a gas cooktop from Coast Appliances, you can turn up the heat in your home kitchen. Professional chefs have long loved the responsiveness, intuitive operation and flat-out BTU power gas provides. With our delivery service and our recommended Professional Installers, you can be cooking with gas in no time!
Gas Cooktops FAQ

Few places require residential gas stoves to be vented to the outside. However, venting is always a good idea to remove cooking odors and combustion byproducts.

Gas cooktops come in many sizes and configurations. The right one will depend on the space you have to work with and the cooking power you need. A Coast Appliances expert can help you decide.

Installing a gas cooktop should only be done by a qualified professional. At Coast Appliances, we have relationships with installation professionals that we recommend to install the products we sell.

There is no single “best” BTU for a gas cooktop; what you need depends on what you’re cooking. A good gas cooktop should include mid-range burners in the 2,000-10,000 BTU range, and at least one high-heat burner of 12,000-18,000 BTU’s.

Some of the reliable gas cooktop brands we stock at Coast Appliance include Wolf, Fisher Paykel, Dacor, Bosch and Bluestar. To see our complete collection, just stop in!