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  • Gorenje (pronounced like 'Gor – enn - ya') is the 4th largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, operating for nearly 75 years. Coast Appliances has a selection of Gorenje appliances, including washers and dryers. Not only do we offer competitive pricing on the Gorenje brand, but we’ll also deliver your new appliance and haul your old ones away for you.
Gorenje FAQ

Gorenje appliances are known for their reliability and quality guarantee. For example, most Gorenje appliances come with a 2-year or 5-year warranty.

Gorenje manufactures many products for the kitchen and laundry, but most of their product line is limited to Europe and the UK. They offer washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers in the Canadian market. Coast Appliances provides a wide selection of home appliances, including Gorenje.

Gorenje washing machines are a reliable option for your laundry room. The washing machines finish a load quickly while conserving water yet meticulously cleaning your clothes. With Coast Appliances' flexible and fast financing, we can help you bring home a new Gorenje washing machine without financial worry.

Gorenje has 4 factories in Europe, including Slovenia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. All Gorenje appliances are European-built, even though Chinese company Hisense became the majority shareholder in 2018. Coast Appliances offers a wide selection of home appliances to meet your needs, including Gorenje washers and dryers.